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When I see this little brightness in his eyes

Posted By Editorial team / December 2, 2016 / 0 Comments

When I make love, I allow my body to let go.

Many people do not define sex like me. Some are pleasantly surprised, others shocked.

Above all, you have to know that I do not make love to give pleasure to my partner, to make him love me, so that he may remain with me. No ! I do not make love for a man. I do it for myself. I seek my pleasure, my well-being. The rest is secondary.

When I make love to you, when I make love to him my body becomes receptacle of his pleasure. That is to say that the more comfortable he is, the more he will have pleasure and the better I will feel.

Men think that female pleasure begins when their tongue touches our vulva.

My pleasure begins when I see this little brightness in his eyes.
From then on, my brain sends me small electric waves that make me shudder with pleasure.

My pleasure begins when his tongue tickles his lip furtively.
It grows up when his body sticks to mine and is sealed with a kiss.
Then it reaches its apogee when he takes possession of my body. With his tongue, his hand, his sex. I do not care!

When I make love, I authorize my body to receive all the pleasure it requires and that it needs.
I’m not a Woman anymore,
I become flesh, sweat,
Desire, sighs
Messenger of my body
And receptacle of his desires.

I do not control anything of my frolics. My heart takes possession of my body and silences my reason.
To satisfy him is far from being my priority.


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