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Karen García Vásquez – All about hair and self love

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Among Women who inspire us, we ask for Karen García Vásquez, CEO of “Ondas de Marzo”. Native of pisces, Karen, Peruvian, transports us into a universe of softness where take place reflexions around the negritude and the beauty of women. It is with great joy that we share our exchanges with her.

Firstly, Karen, could you please introduce yourself for our readers: where are you from, where do you live, what do you do?

I’m from Perú, and live in Lima. I’m the CEO from Ondas de marzo and working on natural hair care.

On your Facebook presentation, we can read :“A decir verdad, nunca me acepté, nunca acepté mis labios grandes, mi nariz ancha, y mucho menos mi inmenso cabello. Siempre traté de controlarlo y manejarlo porque eso era lo que estaba “bien” según los estereotipos de belleza que vi desde que nací…“*

*In fact, I never accepted myself, I never accepted my big lips, my wide nose, even less my huge hair. I always tried to control it and handle it because that was what was “good” according to the stereotypes of beauty I have seen since I was born…”*

Well, it’s difficult to start with this because it was a big process. When i was a child and teenager i never felt beautiful, I grew up watching TV and never watched a girl like me with my appearance. In my class i was the only girl with afro hair, so i felt weird. When I grew up it was different, the society had a qualification for me, it was exotic.
At the time I had no idea about being a black woman and I changed my hair to straight and I put on green contact lenses.
It took me until the age of 19 to find me.

On your facebook page, we can read that hair is a political matter. What does that means to you ?

Use your hair to say to the society that you can do anything, work on whatever you want, and look like you want, is political. You are not a slave from the beauty industry anymore. It’s about being free.

What were the main reasons for your choice to run your own business about natural hair?

The need : when I found the natural hair movement and read about this amazing products and techniques. I searched in Lima and I found no results so I decided to do everything by myself. And I started to learn, read and do. When I started I had no idea how important it could be to other people I just wanted to help myself and then it became my life and my business.


How do you come up with your recipes?

I always use my juice from breakfast, but sometimes I create in my mind because I have favorite fruits so I search and read about them and their properties. And sometimes I only follow the season nature.

Have you ever abandoned your capillary routine for a day or two and chose to chill instead?

Yes, all the time. I don’t want to be a slave to routine again, I don’t think about my hair all the time so I do my recipes only one day a week.

Do you think social media has changed perceptions about beauty ? If yes, how ?

Yes, obviously. You have instagram and facebook and you can look at all the diversity beauty in the world. You can’t feel alone again, maybe the perceptions of the people are more inclusive, but doesn’t matter if you can’t feel secure of your image yet.


What’s your relationship to your own body as of today? How has this changed over time?

I always work with my relationship with me, because you have bad days sometimes and nothing looks beautiful. My body was a torture as far as I can remember, I always did diets and now I only think that I wanna be a healthy person. I think my body now is my temple and deserves love and care.

Having struggled with self-acceptance, what advice do you have for women who are struggling with their own body and hate themselves?

If you always wanna find love, this magical success that everyone can have. I have the secret and it is the moment when you can tell that you love yourself and everything improves, everything looks better, and life feels good. Read me, you are unique and amazing, and you have a mission in this world so go for it.

With that in mind, is there any advice you’d give to your younger self?

Yes, the first: you are a beautiful soul, and you deserve everything that you want and dream of. And you need to work for your dreams.

You are a beautiful soul and you deserve everything that you want and dream of

What is your definition of an healthy body image?

A definition for that doesn’t exist I think because all the bodies are different, it’s like believing that there are measurements for the perfect body.

It seems that yoga has been an avid interest of yours, how yoga helped you to embrace your body?

When I saw yoga I always thought it was for skinny people, and then I found the harmony that you have when you do it. Yoga helps in so many ways the body internally and it reflects on your image.

Tell us about a moment when you felt truly amazing ? …and truly sexy?

One day I went to a concert in a festival some friend invited me to but she could not stay with me. So I decided to enjoy alone and to tell you the truth I felt sexy before I arrived and my night was amazing. I danced as if there was nobody around, I felt so good with everything around, and at some point I closed my eyes to enjoy the funk that was playing and when I opened my eyes everyone was watching me. I love my sexiness and when I can use it to show it.


We’re all about self-love, self-empowerment and we aim to help women to take a chance to speak about their desires and their fantasies here at LaplisiTol. …What is your definition of sensuality and what is it for you to be a sensual woman?

For me sensuality is  to talk about self-confidence, you can see from afar somebody’s confidence. When you can feel clearly the personality and that the emotions are real, the sensuality appears. To be a sensual woman is to know what you want and when. It is not something you wear, because the qualities of everyone when they develop are pure radiant energy.
A sensual woman is the one who doesn’t care what the people say, because she knows who she is.

Today, is the woman free in her sexuality? What about in Peru ? What are the secrets of a fulfilled sexuality, according to you?

No, gender differences still exist. Society continues to point out free women living their sexuality as promiscuous, they see us as if we were witches who need punishment. And in some parts of the world it is worse, at least we have the privilege of being able to talk about sexuality freely.

In Peru it is frustrating, not only you cannot be free the way you want, you have to worry on a daily  basis about the street harassment, that violates you or kills you and the result of this is that you can not decide about your body and who you can be. You can end up in prison for abortion. Nothing is on your side from that perspective, but there are many women here who organize themselves to fight for that freedom we long for.

For me a fulfilled sexuality, it is about the consent. You and the person with whom you share your sexuality both need to know about each other. The secret is to know what you want, and explore all the possibilities that exist to try them with your body and your desire. Know what your sexual power is and use it to embrace yourself.

Know what your sexual power is and use it to embrace yourself

What and who is a true inspiration for you and how this impact your life?

Spirituality is my daily inspiration, the stars, the planets, everything around is worth being inspired by but it took me years to see it. My life changed thanks to someone in particular, Erykah Badu. When I saw her the first time, she was singing with a big Afro hair, talking about what it’s like to live fully, loving, suffering, accepting and talking about what Pisces are. Seeing them be unique regardless of color, shape or whatever they may be. I always listen to her and I see she must be a womanized cycle of music.

This is THE Place to post a youtube link about one of your favorite artist. Which one do you want to share with us?

It would be crazy not to share one of my biggest inspirations:

Any current and upcoming projects that you would like to promote? Would you like to add anything else?

I have many projects in a row that I want to present already, so soon my next project is about working the hair as a fundamental part of self love and how your relationships can improve with something that you think so insignificant.
In addition I organize meetings with a group that I created for Peruvian women with afro hair. We had a picnic this year to meet up. And, now that we are close to 1000 I already plan a next meeting. And I launched a Youtube channel:

A sensual woman is the one who doesn’t care about what the people say, because she knows who she is.


Thank you so much Karen!

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