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As part of our wanderings on instagram, we had the real pleasure of discovering under the name “jesuisbizarreetjaimebienca” Maeva’s account, a profile rich of beautiful photos and good vibes. Under the charm, we decided to share with you his universe, her vision of nature and sensuality.
Welcome into Maeva’s World!


Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Where are you from? What are you doing? Where do you live now?

I am Maeva from Martinique, I am passionate about nature, health, the mind and the human body. I currently live in Martinique.

It seems that the relationship between Man and Nature is at the center of your preoccupations.
You have made the choice to adopt a vegan, healthy and eco-responsible lifestyle. A whole way of thinking about living and consuming differently… Can you tell us more about it? What was the trigger?

Veganism was introduced to me by a vegan friend who posted, and spoke a lot about the suffering of the animals, with videos of slaughters, tearful separations between the cows and their calves, crushed male chicks because useless for food-processing industry etc.
She asked questions like: why do we cry when a dog dies, and ignore the suffering of other animals that are said “to have been created to be consumed by humans”?
Before I met her, I asked myself these questions but without really seeing the impact that I had in this whole industry and culture of death. As I went along, I wondered what I would eat if I listened to her, would vegetables be enough for me not only to be satisfied but also to be healthy. And then I did my own research, done my own self-examination.
“Is eating animals so essential to my health when millions of people do not eat them and are my taste buds more important than the life of an animal?”
After all my research, I actually felt a real disgust at the idea of eating an animal and especially a real attraction for colorful recipes, innovative, and delicious based on vegetables, grains, etc. I am currently in full research on a diet-medicine. Eat to live healthy. I prefer a more alkalizing and raw food.

How do you define “veganism”? What is being vegan for you?

“Veganism” is a way of life where we no longer perceive animals as beings to be sacrificed for our well-being and comfort. To be vegan is to eat, to dress and to use cosmetics avoiding to use an animal or a part of this animal. I consider myself vegan still in transition to be truly vegan. Why? Because I wear leather shoes sometimes.

NB: Vegans are those who have a diet solely based on plants but unlike vegans(like me) do not avoid at all costs the use of animals in other areas of their life.

Veganism in the West Indies: an obvious fact, an assault course or a utopia?


In fact, the hardest part in being vegan is the reaction of people who are not and who want to give you unsolicited advice in nutrition. Otherwise, I find that in the West Indies, we have a wide choice of fruits, vegetables, and tubers that make life easy enough for vegans. In addition, organic shops and organic markets proliferate

Do you experience any particular difficulties in consuming without participating in the exploitation or in the animal suffering?

Not anymore. At first, it was difficult because all the way of life called “normal” is based on animal exploitation, from food to fashion through body treatments. The veganism opened my eyes to this mode of consumption based on excess and urged me to go towards minimalism, natural, and simplicity.

What are the reactions of those to whom you speak about your lifestyle?

Most of the time, people sigh, saying, “yet another crank”. They do not understand why such a “sacrifice” for “beings that God would have created for the good of man”. But more and more people are showing a real interest in this alternative way and some are asking me for advice to add more vegetables to their diet.

In your instagram, we can read that you define yourself as “brown bohemian” can you tell us more?

Brown bohemian, for me, refers to my skin color, to “marronnage” (to run away from slavery), to the will to be free, to want to take full advantage of the present moment. This also refers to my interest in art, adventure and openness aka what is potentially weird or judged inappropriate: sexuality, sensuality.

How can we improve our relationship to nature?

This is a very current issue in a world in the midst of an ecological transition. I think that to improve its relationship with nature, the first thing to do is to ask: “how do I show to my environment that I love and respect it?”.It is a reflection that demands a great deal of honesty and humility because we put ourselves at the level of nature, and to this day we have always considered it to be there to serve us, nourish us and that we owe it little or nothing. I think that improving our relationship with nature is by remembering oneself that we owe it our survival, by realizing that the abundance of plants, animal biodiversity, water, Sun is a source of wonder. I think that the cataclysms and climatic disruptions remind us that this way of viewing natural resources as limitless is simply not adequate or true.

What are your sources of inspiration (art, spirituality, literature…) and how do they affect your life?

I am mainly inspired by what seems to me Beautiful, Alive, Free and Original. Thanks to my Afro-Caribbean-French culture and access to the cultures of the world, I have very eclectic tastes, I like music with African sounds, but also classical music etc. I have a huge attraction for everything that is colorful but I can also find beautiful a black and white photo. It all depends on the vibe.

This allows me to start up again with my “spirituality”. I believe in the Divine Creative Energy, Chi, Ki, etc. and to the fact that it animates all living beings. I believe that everything is paradoxical, and that truth is both absolute and relative. Our beliefs and judgments generate and define our reality, because otherwise things are what they are. The law of attraction is natural to me: what looks like attract itself; And that we incarnate as human beings to experiment, to love and to love others unconditionally.


Through laplisitol.com, we want to encourage women to live fully, to accept their body, their sensuality and their sexuality.
What is “sensuality” for you? According to you, what is a sensual woman?

Sensuality is the projection of our desire sublimated by a movement, a pose, a look, a sigh, a curve, an arch, an odor, a sound. Sensuality is obvious. It appeals to and captivates the senses.

In your instagram, we can see sensual, suggestive pictures of you, what relationship do you have with your body? The image you have of it?

I love my body! I love it because it is incredible. I am not talking about the exterior aspect but more about the interior. The smooth running of the body is deeply bound up with the love one carries to it and my body does already so much for me that I worship it! For me, the mechanisms of the body are absolutely fantastic.

What is the look others have on you? What do you think of that?

I do not really know. I think some people find me beautiful, others do not. I try not to attach much importance to it. Only my opinion on my person counts.

Speaking of sensuality can you describe a pure moment of sensuality?

After my shower, I like to apply oil to my body, often coconut oil (monoï). I start by the legs, take my time to massage them, from bottom to top, back up the thighs, always slowly. I take the opportunity to thank my legs for carrying me and being strong. I continue the ascent by massaging my buttocks and hips, admiring my curves, my stretch marks and tells them that I love them. I massage my belly tenderly because our digestive organs need attention. I close my eyes and let the warmth of my hands spread in my belly. I go up to my solar plexus, my breasts, grabbing them, feeling the weight of them, caressing tham. Then I massage my shoulders for a long time and take advantage of the expirations to relax them. I caress my neck softly, and surround it with both hands. Finally, I lightly touch my face.


If you could describe in 3 words the qualities needed for a healthy love relationship, what would they be?

I would say first of all honesty, tolerance and a lot of FREEDOM.

According to you, what is a fulfilling sexual relationship?

That one which is deeply consented, free and without taboos.

Many women say “I want a real man, a true one” what do they mean by that? Would you have an idea to share with us?

I do not like these expressions at all. They enclose us in a pre-conception. For me, first of all, we are souls and then man and woman and each one defines oneself as he wants. These concepts of “true man” or “true woman” are idle dreams.

We note in society that men do not allow themselves to express their emotions. As a woman , how do you look at that?

I think it is true for men especially but also for all human beings. We are not in touch with our feelings and emotions. We struggle to let them exist when there is nothing more normal for a human being to feel emotions. I wish that we learn to love our emotions without judging them, accepting them for what they are: benchmarks that guide us towards a better understanding, knowledge and experience of ourselves.

You are given a blank check: you can express yourself and address women who do not love each other, what can you tell them to accept themselves as they are?

You do not want a nice dress, a nice pair of shoes, or abs. What you really want is the feeling of joy, self-confidence and admiration that you can get from all of that. The secret is that you can feel all that, naked and the way you are. YES YES! I tell you and to millions women too. You decide what you feel and all this love, admiration that you want, you are able to grant it to yourself unconditionally. The other secret is that you will look so much more radiant just because you have decided that you are beautiful, great as you are. Your love for yourself is the greatest gift you could offer to yourself. It’s your decision.

Your love for yourself is the greatest gift you could offer to yourself. It’s your decision…

Thank you very much for answering our questions!

Discover Maeva’s world:


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